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    202017-09 Comparison of several common T-shirt printing techniques
    Comparison of several common T-shirt printing techniques  Printing refers to the technical process of printing patterns on textile fabrics.According to the pattern of printed fabric, it can be divided into cloth printing,
    182017-09 Identification of fabric components of clothing
    The simple method to identify the components of clothing is combustion. Is in the clothing hemming of smoke under a wisp of warp and weft yarn, cloth with fire will be lit, observe the state of combustion flame, smell the
    172017-09 The advantages and disadvantages of hemp fabrics
    Hemp fibers are fibers obtained from various hemp plants, including bast fibers and leaf fibers of monocotyledons from annual or perennial herbaceous bicots. Hemp fiber includes ramie, jute, qingma, hemp, flax, hemp and hibiscus.
    112017-09 Fabric: the basic knowledge of warp, weft, width, weight, color weaving
    Common concept of fabric: warp yarn weft density, width, gram weight and presentation methodIf you are exposed to the clothing industry, you will often have problems like this, what is the best, what is the weft, what is
    082017-09 Fabric knowledge 56 questions and answers
    1. Which kinds of fiber raw materials can be divided into?Natural fibers, chemical fibers2. What items belong to natural fibers?Cotton goods, woollen goods, silk goods, linen.What are the six fibers of synthetic fiber?Dacron,
    042017-09 Flax and ramie
    The characteristics of flax, rough, quite broad, strong and high, moisture absorption good not to touch body, bacteriostatic, stiffness large, but winding small.Yaxi yarn is divided into dry spinning and wet spinning, and
    262017-08 Natural hemp products washing method
    One, put a suitable amount of soap powder in the below 30 ℃ warm water, after being soap powder is completely dissolved, then ramie objects into the water.2. Immerse the product in a total of 10 to 15 minutes, gently scrub,
    122017-08 The storage of natural hemp products
    1. Products shall not be exposed to the sun;2. When collecting, the product can be folded flat and flat, with the outer packing bag;Please place the product in a draught dry place and pay attention to the moisture-proof.
    112017-08 Natural hemp products feature
    · the highest quality natural fiber· bright color/easy to fade· hemp fiber is cellulose fiber· good strength of hemp fabric· good moisture absorption· natural bacteriostasis
    092017-08 Ramie is introduced
      Ramie, known as the "king of the natural fiber", "China grass" reputation, it contains the elements, such as hands, pyrimidine, purine of staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, etc all have different
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