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    282018-07 Development of Ramie Industry in Dazhu County
    Recently, Dong Chunxing, President of the China Textile Industry Association, and Yu Chongwen, director of the textile department of Donghua University, Pu Zongyao of Sichuan Textile Science Research Institute, and Zhu Puxin,
    282018-07 "Along the way" pull strong: Xiangyang textile and clothing increased significantly
    Previously, the Xiangyang Municipal Business Bureau learned that the first half of this year, the total import and export of Xiangyang was up to 1 billion 265 million US dollars, up 36.3% from the same year, including 226
    282018-07 Traditional textile and garment industry profits continue to decline, "smart clothing" contains coun
    At the moment of the declining profit of the traditional textile and garment industry, intelligent clothing, which is based on large data, Internet of things, technology innovation and so on, is becoming the new breakthrough
    282018-07 China's light industrial and textile consumer products grew steadily in the first half of the year
    In the first half of the year, the energy consumption and freight volume of the whole society increased rapidly, the output of key products increased steadily, the PMI index remained at a high level, and the market confidence
    262018-07 The implementation of advanced units of textile equipment standards in 2017
    Decision on granting the title of advanced unit to 2017 textile equipment standard In order to establish a model in the standardization field of textile equipment and special parts in China, carry forward the concept of
    262018-07 2018/19年度棉花消費量將創下歷史最高紀錄
    One of the highlights of this year's international cotton market is the rapid rebound in cotton consumption. In terms of cotton prices, cotton prices this year have been greatly supported by consumer demand. Cotton inventories
    202017-09 Comparison of several common T-shirt printing techniques
    Comparison of several common T-shirt printing techniques  Printing refers to the technical process of printing patterns on textile fabrics.According to the pattern of printed fabric, it can be divided into cloth printing,
    202017-09 The data of the
    In August, the overall stability of the textile industry was well balanced. Textile enterprises were more stable with cotton than basic, with a small increase in monthly cotton consumption and a slight increase in raw material
    182017-09 Identification of fabric components of clothing
    The simple method to identify the components of clothing is combustion. Is in the clothing hemming of smoke under a wisp of warp and weft yarn, cloth with fire will be lit, observe the state of combustion flame, smell the
    172017-09 The advantages and disadvantages of hemp fabrics
    Hemp fibers are fibers obtained from various hemp plants, including bast fibers and leaf fibers of monocotyledons from annual or perennial herbaceous bicots. Hemp fiber includes ramie, jute, qingma, hemp, flax, hemp and hibiscus.
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